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Positive Psychology for Education

What is Positive Psychology for Education?

Positive Psychology for Education offers consultations with children, staff and parents to help children be happy, healthy and reach their potential. We offer psychological support and consultancy focusing on positive solutions and ensure maximising a child’s learning, and social and emotional development.

  • Do you want to understand the needs of your child more fully?
  • Do you know what to say and do to help your child maximize their potential?
  • Do you want positive solutions for your child to be healthy, happy and successful?

Positive Psychology for Education offers independent psychology services in schools and local communities.

“Educators remind us that what counts in a classroom is not what the teacher teaches; it’s what the learner learns.” Alfie Kohn
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Positive Psychology for Education


Consultations for schools

Consultations in schools can involve classroom observations, meetings with the child and an assessment of their strengths and needs. The consultation involves looking at the whole needs of the child in terms of their learning, social and emotional needs. The child’s viewpoint is crucial to the consultation along with opportunities to gather the views of school staff and the parents in order to agree positive solutions and strategies.

Support and consultation for parents

Consultation with parents helps to gain a greater insight into the strengths and needs of the child.

Training and whole school development

We offer a range of training to meet the needs of your school. This can be from the list here or bespoke for your staff needs.

  • Positive language / Positive mindset
  • Active listening
  • What children need to be healthy happy and successful
  • Attachment
  • Resilience
  • Speech and language
  • Literacy approaches / Reciprocal Teaching
  • Accelerated learning and metacognition
  • Autism / ADHD / Dyslexia

Multi agency meetings

We can support you in developing positive solutions in various school meetings with parents and outside agencies - Team around the child/ CAF reviews/ School review meetings

Consultations with staff

Discussing challenges to come up with positive solutions for individual children or groups.

Whole school development

This can be bespoke to the needs of your school depending on your focus and vision of the school.

“Well-being cannot exist just in your own head. Well-being is a combination of feeling good as well as actually having meaning, good relationships and accomplishment.” Martin Seligman
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Positive Psychology for Education

About Us

Dr Linda Mallory

Dr Linda Mallory has experienced over 25 years as a teacher, Reading Recovery teacher, Special Needs Coordinator and Educational Psychologist in Wiltshire, Enfield, Newham, Essex and Islington.

Linda is a published author writing about Positive Parenting with her book “Parentuality. How to have an amazing relationship with your child.” You can download the first chapter for free and buy the book at www.parentuality.com.

Linda is a regular contributor to BBC Radio Bristol and Wiltshire and as well as various magazines about education, parenting and psychology.

Linda is a member of the BPS, AEP, HPC and is CRB checked. She lives in Bath with her husband Av, her two boys Fred and Tom and the family cat, Yoda.

Linda is an educational consultant for Save Childhood Movement and she is passionate about joyful approaches to education for sustainable, peaceful communities and society.

Linda is the founder of The Why Parent, a positive parenting approach supporting a calm, connected and conscious approach to parenting to ensure happier family lives.

Dr Linda Mallory
Call 07500 586 608