A healthy mind is key to wellbeing and achieving potential.

Positive Psychology for Education is dedicated to helping maximise children's potential, education, and wellbeing.

We base our work with children, families and schools on current psychology research, which includes positive psychology, humanistic psychology, and the three principles theory to help our children be the best they can be.

We focus on positive solutions to maximise a child’s learning, social and emotional development.

Positive Psychology for Education
Our vision

We believe that the basic needs of all children are to be safe, understood, and healthy to maximise their potential.

At various times in their development children and young people may need some help with…

  • Their learning
  • Speaking and listening
  • Their thoughts and feelings
  • Getting on with others
  • Sensory needs such as hearing and seeing
  • Their mobility and physical needs
Positive Psychology for Education
We provide consultation,
training and support.

We provide consultations between schools and parents to understand their child's needs and create a positive way forward.

We provide school staff support to promote the inclusion of all children.

We can support school staff and parents in multi-agency meetings for children with a range of needs.

We can provide training, supervision, coaching, and consultation for school staff and parents.

Positive Psychology for Education

Are you worried about your child’s progress in school?

Do you want your child to get the support they need in school?

Do you want your child to be healthy, happy and successful?

Our Solutions

If you feel the needs of your child are not being understood in school or at home then Positive Psychology For Education can help you get the support they may need.

We provide training and whole school development to imporove well being and performance on topics such as:

  • What children need to he healthy, happy, and productive.
  • Positive language and mindset.
  • Positive psychology approaches in schools.
  • Positive literacy strategies.
  • Emotional intelligence.
  • Understanding emotions and behaviour.
  • Resilience and motivation.
  • Reducing anxiety and stress.
  • Attachment.
  • Metacognition and accelerated learning.
  • Listening.
  • Mindfulness and well being.

We can also provide a consultation with you, your child and the school to help your child feel happy, safe and understood.

Our Initiatives

FELT is an emotional literacy programme currently running in several schools in Wiltshire. It is designed as a way to help children to develop their sense of identity, purpose and self belief. The programme is a practical tool to help reduce stress and anxiety.

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The Why Parent

The Why Parent is a positive approach to parenting and is used by schools to help parents enjoy their family life more.

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